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Project Description

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In digital transformation, process accompanying electronic documents are becoming increasingly important. This includes all areas, i.e. from sickness notifications, employee instructions, manuals, quotations, contract templates, signed contracts up to legally binding documentation of compliance requirements.

At the same time, documents are „living“ documents, i.e. they are constantly improved, expanded and updated. Here, too, many different people work together, like specialist departments, legal departments and more. The entire complex of document management has a new dimension in the digital transformation. And it is becoming increasingly important.

Quick facts

Industry: All area
Employees: Up to 20,000
Solution: Microsoft 365,
Benefits: Increased productivity, less meetings, more collaboration, increased customer loyalty, compliant and secured data

Project Details



It’s agile collaboration

With solutions by Pjtechs, companies are enabled to support their agile business effectively while maintaining compliance. Pjtechs provides the integrated platform and tools for your real-time communication and collaboration requirements in the agile business era.

With solutions by Pjtechs, companies are enabled to support their agile business effectively while maintaining compliance. Pjtechs provides the integrated platform and tools for your real-time communication and collaboration requirements in the agile business era.

The situation

Dedicated Content management systems (short form: ECM) are complex. They are also cost-intensive and rather cumbersome. Therefore, they hardly fit into current and common collaboration and communication environments. In contrast, common environments such as SharePoint from Microsoft are only available with limited ECM functions. business case collaborative document management in the context
It turns out that ECM should ideally be available for all employees as needed and combine the best of both worlds


this complete solution can be used seamlessly in day-to-day business. Examples:

1. Internal: A personnel file is created with the first application. This is then supplemented by the employment contract, plus all extensions to the employment contract, payslips, assessments, sick days, vacation days and much more. The employment contracts themselves were prepared by the Human Resource department, possibly reviewed by external consultants, supplemented by the finance department and approved by the legal department and management. As a result, all relevant data is available at once. Only the templates and no real employment contracts are submitted for external review. These documents are then also directly available on the move, without having to check them out or send them by e-mail. Nevertheless, the entire process is secure and documented at all times.

2. Consumer contracts: Many financial transactions require the personal sig-nature of customers. With this solution, documents can be created on-site, written documents can be photographed and checked directly into the ECM. The entire file can then be submitted directly to risk management and subsequently released. On the basis of confirmed and checked data, the provision of services can be accepted or rejected promptly. Even complex paper-based processes can thus be converted into fully digital processes.

The idea

The central idea is the implementation of a ECM solution on a common collaboration and communication platform. In this way, advanced mobile and user requirements can also be combined and implemented. Central functions of such a ECM are:

» Metadata: These include creation date, storage date, storage location, current version and much more

» Context/Schema: Documents are usually created in a context. For example, a process instruction is based on previous versions. The basis for this is a process manual, which in turn corresponds to the internal process specifications and at the same time is based on legal regulations. This context should be documented in a transparent manner

» Information security and risk management: value, confidentiality, risk and need for protection

» Aggregation – dossiers: In addition to metadata, dossiers should also be available. This includes the direct context. For example all contracts, accounts, loans and additional notes with a customer of a financial service provider

» Change tracking: In the comparison of past and current versions, the changes should be highlighted and documented

» Signature: Documents should be genuine, i.e. signed. This ensures that no unauthorized changes have taken place

» Publishing process: Appropriate publication processes should be available, including multi-stage approval and follow-up

» Integration: Further solutions should be easy to integrate. For example, solutions for different levels of storage, the capture of printed documents, and more

» Extensibility and flexibility: The solution should be extensible to accommodate changed processes or regulatory requirements.

» Activation: All these functions should be available with a single click.

The solution

smartTiles based on Microsoft SharePoint is a central corporate platform with comprehensive collaboration and communication functions including data storage. For this purpose, smartTiles is simply extended with strong ECM functions and thus offers a strong overall solution.

The advantages

» ECMfunctionalities are available to all employees at all times.

» Full-featured release, archiving and version management is directly available upon document creation.

» The company is also prepared for future compliance requirements.

» ECM functionalities are also available for mobile use. Not only for documents but also for images and numerous other file formats.

» ECM is always available in every electronic process. Thus the transformation to digital processes is accelerated.

» The overall solution is expandable and flexible at any time. It adapts to company requirements.

» By using standard components, the solution is also cost-effective. Expensive licenses are not necessary

» There are no high training fees for a new solution

right from the start Pjtechs offered details feasible solutions and profound planning

Pjtechs was the only partner who understood our business needs in detail. So, it came to no surprise when Pjtechs offered more valuable inputs. This resulted in additional improvements to ensure success

The instruction

With the user-friendly interface and clear workflow, this is how you interact with the system!

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