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Project Description

A total of 350,000 employees, salespeople, branches and resellers are only sporadically connected to up-to-date information from Vinamilk. Given the widespread use of mobile devices, there is an even bolder idea: the integration of consumers into a Vinamilk communication platform. Obviously, a complete integration of all stakeholders into current company information such as warehousing, production and availability would further improve Vinamilk’s overall position in the shortest possible time. Especially in regards to Service Excellence. Pjtechs was rushing to find the solution.

Quick facts

Industry: Dairy products, juice
Employees: ~ 6000
Solution: Kaizala, SharePoint
Title: Agile collaboration
Benefits: Sales increase, partner loyalty, customer loyalty, improved productivity and marketing channel


Vinamilk is the largest dairy company in Vietnam. Based on the UNDP 2007 Top 200 largest companies in Vietnam report, it is also the 15th largest company and the most valuable listed company in Vietnam. In 2010, it was the first company in Vietnam to be included in Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion list, highlighting 200 high-performing small and medium enterprises with annual sales of less than $1 billion​

Project Details


The situation

Vinamilk recognized early on that consumers are spending more and more time online. In the past, they have initiated successful digital campaigns online and, above all, via YouTube. Together with selected influencers, this has become a success story for Vinamilk.

Nevertheless, Vietnam is special and Vinamilk consumers are all over the country. The same applies, of course to Vinamilk personnel, sales, partners and many others.​

The idea

This situation gave rise to an idea:

With all this communication and collaboration technology, wouldn’t it make sense to integrate all these employees, partners and many more on a common digital collaboration platform in order to optimize logistics and consumer contact? A Vinamilk platform. To think even further: wouldn’t it make sense to integrate consumers into the existing online strategy as an accompanying measure?

A collaboration platform with so many users would later on make it possible to involve consumers more directly than ever before.​

The solution

Meanwhile, Microsoft was about to publish Kaizala. Kaizala is essentially a messenger app, but it offers significant additional features that make Kaizala the perfect choice for such an idea. For example, Kaizala allows each user to be identified by his or her individual phone number. In connection with SharePoint solutions from Pjtechs, this platform can also be managed centrally. Specific actions and services are provided for different user groups on the basis of Kaizala action cards. And action cards for Kaizala are exactly these actions or even full-blown apps for complex workflows.


Based on such an infrastructure, Vinamilk would suddenly be able to send short-term messages to groups of employees, vendors, stores and resellers. Live stock availability requests, special conditions are then directly activated and additional tools in the action cards allow even more dominant options. ​

With future consumer integration, Vinamilk would then be able to manage supply and demand more directly and efficiently.​

The benefits

With these options several KPI’s are improved sustainably:

  • Sales increase due to up-to-date and timely information, which makes time-consuming research superfluous.
  • Partner and customer loyalty is increased by tailor-made offers and promptly confirmed statements.
  • The productivity of employees is increased by providing relevant information promptly.
  • Inventory times are shortened through more efficient production and improved sales of available goods.
  • Vinamilk would then have direct consumer channels to reach consumers at points of particular interest.

Right from the start Pjtechs offered details feasible solutions and profound planning. Pjtechs was the only partner who understood our business needs in detail. So, it came to no surprise when Pjtechs offered more valuable inputs. This resulted in additional improvements to ensure success.

— Nguyen Nghi

IT Director | Vinamilk

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