smartTiles, our proud Intelligent Enterprise, combined our expertise and the smart software products, powered by Microsoft platform to help every organization to successfully embrace: the agile business era.

With smartTiles at Pjtechs

  • Easy access to a web-based tools for digitizing your business model
  • Maximize profit, minimize your time with the repetitive work tasks
  • Intelligent tools on any device for analytics and reporting simultaneously and accurately
  • Utilize the capabilities of AI solutions for an effective day

Why smartTiles?

In today’s business flexibility and agility is an asset of increasing importance. By then it is even more important to enable employees in their work. Simply by streamlining backend, frontend and Cloud services to a consistent whole, while reducing unstructured data.

smartTiles is exactly this platform.

Connected enterprise

Seamlessly connect, employees, partners and customers to your enterprise IT – even with their own device. We got you covered: secure, fully compliant for online and offline use.

Data X intergration

Seamlessly connect, employees, partners and customers to your enterprise IT – even with their own device. We got you covered: secure, fully compliant for online and offline use.

Intranet X

Backend system data united with frontend applications right where your people need it. Seamless collaboration between your people based on up to date data and information. Your employees are your Intranet.

Task-based collaboration

Imagine all tasks are the same in all Apps and systems – everywhere. Imagine no emails are sent internally for tasks.

We should talk.

Highlights with smartTiles

Time tracker

Keep track of working times, integrated with task manager, employee manager, organization manager and many more.

Task manager

Manage all tasks centrally and synchronize with Teams, Outlook, Planner and external services. Use task lists, Gantt-charts, Kanban board and more to manage your tasks.


Visualize and manage tasks via Gant-charts, modify and arrange tasks to your liking.

Kanban board

All tasks of your team, yourself,… directly available via your Kanban Board. Drag and drop your tasks to change status.

Workflow center

Manage your workflows centrally and transparently? xingate supports you.

Proposal manager

Manage proposals from creation over finalization to release.

Document management

Create, collaborate, search and find documents, their version history including a release process where needed.

Contract management

Manage contracts, schedule related tasks, archive contracts and establish approval workflows with involved departments.

Knowledge management

Establish knowledge sharing in departments or even enterprise-wide, where everyone updates and contributes whenever needed.

Resource booking

Manage company resources like cars, meeting rooms and many more for every site or even company-wide.

Expense manager

Offer your employees comprehensive expense management forms, which are integrated to your ERP systems including manager approval.

Travel request

Manage travels from travel approval to travel expense management for every employee

Portal manager

Customize portals additionally to suit your people’s needs and comply with department requirements.

Intranet apps

We provide additional Apps all the time and customization to integrate the individual needs of your company and your users.

Learn how pjtechs helps companies to achieve their goals:

the perfect IT support

connecting and supporting mobile sales and partners

connecting and supporting mobile sales and partners

the perfect IT support


PJtechs comes with the complete smartTiles platform and all Apps as a monthly subscription service including installation and integration to your IT environment. As of version 5.0 we deploy on-premise or as hybrid installation.

Please contact us for an individual pricing for your environment.

We would love to show you more about smartTiles.

You will be in good company

All expectations were met both regarding time and cost. Promised delivery dates were met and, in some cases, even implemented before the due date.
Thorsten Funk, Director Production AFSF / Industrial Engineering
The cooperation has always been extraordinarily uncomplicated and goal-oriented. This applies to both Switzerland and Vietnam. The response time to questions/suggestions was extremely short. Questions were answered from Vietnam “quasi” overnight, which made the project work very fast and productive.

Thorsten Funk, Director Production AFSF / Industrial Engineering
Pjtechs created an effective IT helpdesk solution based on Kaizala, which drastically improved the integration between requesters and supporters for us.
SCB - Saigon Commercial Bank
We had distinct requirements on SharePoint data migration and automatic data protection with Azure Information Protection (AIP). Pjtechs implemented the whole project with our requirements excellently.
Mekong Capital
Pjtechs was able to show us the potential of Microsoft Kaizala for our organization. We value Pjtechs’s competence and experience to create and develop the Kaizala application, as well as leading the roll-out for 350,000 users.