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Time is Money!

Pjtechs‘s smartTiles Business Applications will be the optimal tool to help cater all your business’ requirements to achieve desired results with time effectiveness. The primary focus of smartTiles Business Applications is on integrating powerful tactics in management of business workflows, projects, analytics, networking and so much more in order to boost your operation, upgrade your productivity and generate profits.

Pjtechs and smartTiles

Pjtechs provides smartTiles, an intelligent workplace, combining our Expertise and software Products powered by Microsoft platform to help every organization to successfully embrace: the agile business era

Time tracker​

Keep track of working times, integrated with task manager, employee manager, organization manager and many more.

Task management

Manage all tasks centrally and synchronize with Teams, Outlook, Planner and external services. Use task lists, Gantt-charts, Kanban board and more to manage your tasks.

Gantt chart​

Visualize and manage tasks via Gantt-charts, modify and arrange tasks to your liking.​

Kanban board

All tasks of your team, yourself,…directly available via your Kanban board. Drag and drop your tasks to change status.​

Process management

Manage your workflows centrally and transparently? smartTiles supports you.​

Licensing management

Manage your licenses and services for planning effectively.​

Document management​

Create, collaborate, search and find documents including version history – includes a release process where needed.​​

Contract management​

Manage contracts, schedule related tasks, archive contracts and establish approval workflows with involved departments.​​​

Knowledge management​

Establish knowledge sharing in departments or even enterprise-wide, where everyone updates contributes whenever needed.​​

Organization management​

Organizations can be complex – smartTiles adapts and integrates​​​

Employee management

Manage, create and update users with all extended information and integrate with AD, SAP HR, IAM and many more.​

Absence managerment

Manage employee absence and offer them self-service absence management​

Resource booking​

Manage company resources like cars, meeting rooms and many more for every site or even company-wide​​

Expense management​

Offer your employees comprehensive expense management forms: integrated to your ERP systems. Including manager approval​

Travel request​

Manage travels from travel approval to travel expense management for every employee

Portal managerment

Customize portals additionally to suit your people’s needs and comply with department requirements​

Overtime management

Manage emloyees’ overtime accurately.​

More business apps

We provide additional apps all the time and customization to integrate the individual needs of your company and your users.​

Highlights with Microsoft Office 365


How frustrated would it feels to figure out news about the corporate but not from the within? With smartTiles, targeted internal communication at all levels to help you to early protect, response or stop the information to be leaked or stolen. These significant characteristics will help to improve information protection, maintain company’s image but also motivate employees to work with absolute confidence. Let smartTiles help to build a positive impact platform with you, for you and for the future.

Portal and subportal

Employees should not only be fully informed to properly perform their duties but also need to be involved in a realistic level-to-level exchange process with the purpose of smooth business process without any obstacles or resistance. With smartTiles Intranet-in-a-box, providing your employees with a company-wide access to a secure communication and collaboration within and across teams, departments, divisions, countries, as well as news exchange, know-how articles, content, key figures and so much more.

Portal design

NO limits and NO coding. Hundreds of possibilities to design your smart workplaces with an incredibly simple way to apply your corporate identity, and unique themes to achieve exceptionally phenomenal user experience. With smartTiles, you can design and configure templates to transform into a more modern workplace with just a few clicks away and thus, experience intelligent intranets company-wide within hours.

Corporate portal

The Corporate Portal constitutes a recognizable, visual identity for your company, in which an open exchange of information is also a way that you can freely share and express your opinions and ideas with your employees. Which would help to increase intrinsic motivation and remain current loyalty.

Event calendar

One single, easy-access calendar to inform any possible upcoming events. With smartTiles, you can always keep track for better preparation, plan your month ahead and most importantly, maintain your credibility for always being professional.


With smartTiles, there would no longer be a wrong call to wrong department or to wrong people. Moreover, you can see if they are available, away, or even in a meeting as our contacts service in sync with the event calendar service.

Document library

Proving a quick and easy access to all the relevant documents at anytime and with any device. Our service ensures that all employees always work on the latest, most up-to-date version available. Hence, our smartTiles portals give a quick process, document preview and advanced search capabilities. All security and access guidelines for the information is highly protected.

Media library

A place where all your media resources is placed, with help of the integrated smart features of organization, searching and much more. Works that require media would never become easier, also reduce cost and time-saving. This could be used for demo conduction, product illustration and internal training. Our proud service will create a platform where any work or project could have any potentially resources it would need.

Discussion board

A place where you can (1) improve communication and collaboration for projects, organizational units and work tasks, (2) discuss and moderate at all levels in your organization and (3) freely start a discussion thread, receiving uniquely new and almost immediate insights from your colleagues. Our discuss board allow users to share their knowledge without hesitation and with confidence, to motivate them for a better work quality, and let them contribute directly into growing and improving the products and services.

Welcome to Pjtechs, and welcome home!​

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You will be in good company

All expectations were met both regarding time and cost. Promised delivery dates were met and, in some cases, even implemented before the due date.
Thorsten Funk, Director Production AFSF / Industrial Engineering
The cooperation has always been extraordinarily uncomplicated and goal-oriented. This applies to both Switzerland and Vietnam. The response time to questions/suggestions was extremely short. Questions were answered from Vietnam “quasi” overnight, which made the project work very fast and productive.

Thorsten Funk, Director Production AFSF / Industrial Engineering
Pjtechs created an effective IT helpdesk solution based on Kaizala, which drastically improved the integration between requesters and supporters for us.
SCB - Saigon Commercial Bank
We had distinct requirements on SharePoint data migration and automatic data protection with Azure Information Protection (AIP). Pjtechs implemented the whole project with our requirements excellently.
Mekong Capital
Pjtechs was able to show us the potential of Microsoft Kaizala for our organization. We value Pjtechs’s competence and experience to create and develop the Kaizala application, as well as leading the roll-out for 350,000 users.