Data X intergration

Imagine: All relevant data is available – secure and compliant at all times. Be it on the desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone – in the office, on the road or at home. Regardless of whether it is a company or private device. Connected enterprise creates seamless interaction between all parties involved.

Modern Infrastructure

Up until now mobile infrastructure could be complex and cumbersome. Devices needed to be bought, installed, managed, maintained. Connections needed to be monitored and enabled where need be. A modern connected enterprise makes all mentioned points obsolete: easily connect and maintain your environment, even on BYOD mobiles.


How do you integrate service employees, mobile sales, home office employees or travelers in general today? Does it make sense to integrate corporate or private customers? Our advice is only one click away.

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Together with you we create your agile solution, test, improve and extend until the first activation. We train your employees and also provide advice and support at a later stage or even take over the operation.

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Our Customer Success Managers are available to you at all times during operation. We advise, support and make recommendations. Your own agile team on call.

Connected enterprise brings your people together and enables today’s required flexibility.

Highlights of connected Enterprise

Mobile Devices

All employees directly available via Kaizala and web portal. Company news, workflows, tasks and much more.

Home Office

Home office workstations integrate virtually and seamless into the corporate network. Just as if the colleague were sitting one door away.


The more mobile a company is, be it simply on the company premises or branched out worldwide: all communication channels are coordinated and synchronized.


Whether at the service point, at the customer’s site or on the road – all workflows are available at all times. New workflows can be created ad hoc at any time.


Be it a simple frontend of legacy applications, new applications, applications for end customers: everything is available in near time – ready for use.


A modern connected enterprise is easy to maintain. Comprehensive IT organizations for end device hardware become largely obsolete. Smart, simple and practical.


Users can access company data at any time. Whether it is during the morning trip to prepare for work, at home or in the office. Simple tasks up to complex workflows can be easily initiated.


What’s more important than yesterday’s information? Yes, the current information of today. In the Connected Enterprise, all information and data is available in near time.

A connected enterprise provides the platform for new and innovative services, while reducing cost and improving productivity.

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Imagine: All relevant data is available – secure and compliant at all times. Be it on the desktop, [...]

Data X intergration

Imagine: All relevant data is available – secure and compliant at all times. Be it on the desktop, [...]

You will be in good company

All expectations were met both regarding time and cost. Promised delivery dates were met and, in some cases, even implemented before the due date.
Thorsten Funk, Director Production AFSF / Industrial Engineering
The cooperation has always been extraordinarily uncomplicated and goal-oriented. This applies to both Switzerland and Vietnam. The response time to questions/suggestions was extremely short. Questions were answered from Vietnam “quasi” overnight, which made the project work very fast and productive.

Thorsten Funk, Director Production AFSF / Industrial Engineering
Pjtechs created an effective IT helpdesk solution based on Kaizala, which drastically improved the integration between requesters and supporters for us.
SCB - Saigon Commercial Bank
We had distinct requirements on SharePoint data migration and automatic data protection with Azure Information Protection (AIP). Pjtechs implemented the whole project with our requirements excellently.
Mekong Capital
Pjtechs was able to show us the potential of Microsoft Kaizala for our organization. We value Pjtechs’s competence and experience to create and develop the Kaizala application, as well as leading the roll-out for 350,000 users.