Microsoft 365

The main features of smartTiles intranet portal include extensible framework which integrates web-based tool for building and deploying e-business portals. With these intelligent functions, such as reports generation of business and project activities, as well as related resources, can be adapted to users’ needs. xsperaApac proudly believes the extremely functional and user-friendly integrated apps service is the key element for the future e-business strategy.

Our experience for your project

Considering all the possibilities and options with Microsoft Office 365,
it is crucial to identify core benefits for your business and adapt accordingly.
Getting solutions right for your needs – that’s what drives us at xspera.


Smooth Migration

In addition to Outlook, Word Excel, … comes a whole tool-set to increase productivity. We stand by your side to leverage all these treasures and ensure a smooth migration right from the start.

Simplify Processes

We provide advice on the integration of apps and automation tools to transform existing processes and workflows. At the same time, completely new processes are made possible.

Redefining Productivity

Pjtechs enables you to get the most out of Microsoft Office 365. Simplified access to contacts, information and content so your employees can do their best from virtually any device.

Microsoft Office 365 on

Highlights with Microsoft Office 365

Improved communication and collaboration

Keep your entire team up to date with group chats, online meetings, telephony, and web conferencing

Work from your favorite device

Always use the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office solutions on the device of your choice

Fully integrate first-line-workers

First-line-workers, on-site-services, mobile sales, travelling employees – keep your people connected. Fully compliant and secure

Network, organize and work productively

Get more efficient by bundling email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and more in one place.

Automate business processes

Simplify, automate, and digitize processes with powerful forms, workflows, and customized mobile apps.

Establish individual user workspaces

Integrate Microsoft applications and third-party services to drive your business forward

Cyber attackers don’t stand a chance

Protect yourself from insecure email attachments, suspicious links, and other malicious software

Only Authorized access allowed

Protect your sensitive information with authentication and automated policies

With Microsoft Office 365 you unlock a myriad of features and benefits, which are just a fingertip away

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You will be in good company

All expectations were met both regarding time and cost. Promised delivery dates were met and, in some cases, even implemented before the due date.
Thorsten Funk, Director Production AFSF / Industrial Engineering
The cooperation has always been extraordinarily uncomplicated and goal-oriented. This applies to both Switzerland and Vietnam. The response time to questions/suggestions was extremely short. Questions were answered from Vietnam “quasi” overnight, which made the project work very fast and productive.

Thorsten Funk, Director Production AFSF / Industrial Engineering
Pjtechs created an effective IT helpdesk solution based on Kaizala, which drastically improved the integration between requesters and supporters for us.
SCB - Saigon Commercial Bank
We had distinct requirements on SharePoint data migration and automatic data protection with Azure Information Protection (AIP). Pjtechs implemented the whole project with our requirements excellently.
Mekong Capital
Pjtechs was able to show us the potential of Microsoft Kaizala for our organization. We value Pjtechs’s competence and experience to create and develop the Kaizala application, as well as leading the roll-out for 350,000 users.