Task-based Collaboration

Imagine – all current tasks in one place: For the company, branch offices, subsidiaries, departments, groups, project teams, teams and employees. Everyone only sees the tasks they are supposed to see, synchronized on all devices and all relevant applications.

Task-based collaboration makes emails for task distribution obsolete. Employee work becomes more transparent, which enables agile teams and repeatable defined processes even in highly agile environments.

Goal-oriented work

Work these days is complex. E-mails, task tables and various task management applications and
sources are the rule. With xspera, you can automatically merge all of these, synchronized and
up-to-date. One task management environment for the essentials: the completion of tasks.


With xingate based on SharePoint, we implement the central task management hub that is comprehensively adapted to your organization. Ideally based on your IAM solution.

Creation_Connected Enterprise_Pjtechs


All xingate tasks are integrated with Outlook, SharePoint, Planner, Teams and Kaizala. Further applications like Jira, Concourse, Confluence, Jenkins/X, github and many more are also integrated.

Operation-Connected Enterprise-Pjtechs


In line with your processes, we integrate the task environment with time tracking and other applications such as SAP, Salesforce and many more.

Background info on task-based collaboration

Highlights with Task-based Collaboration

Any organization

Task-based collaboration from xspera adapts to any organizational environment. Any n:m dimensions from hierarchical, matrix to network-based organizations can be integrated.

Agile Methods

Task-based collaboration offers a seamless integration of agile methods into any organization. Control, transparency and further functions are performed within the scope of task-based collaboration.

No email monster

The amount of emails decreases drastically with task-based collaboration. Experience shows that no more emails are needed for tasks. Only notifications are sent by email (depending on the configuration).

Structured data

Email mailboxes and external unsynchronized task repositories are unstructured data or data silos. The central task administration turns those directly into structured data – readily available.

Increased productivity

The management of non-synchronized task repositories is no longer necessary. Control over spreadsheets, email requests – all this becomes obsolete. Productivity is increased for one goal: Task completion.

Time tracking

The Task Manager directly provides most content for time tracking. By also deploying the xingate time tracker, a complete time tracking is readily available.

Cost and activity accounting

With the (partially) automatic allocation of the corresponding cost centers, tasks and times are also integrated to your ERP system and thus offer a basis for a proper and professional cost and performance accounting.

All end devices

Task-based collaboration is available on all devices. This way all team members are always up to date with most recent information.


Meet compliance requirements for key areas. Implement legal requirements such as time tracking according to EuGh in Europe.

With Task-based collaboration, you unlock a myriad of
features and benefits, which are just a fingertip away.

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You will be in good company

All expectations were met both regarding time and cost. Promised delivery dates were met and, in some cases, even implemented before the due date.
Thorsten Funk, Director Production AFSF / Industrial Engineering
The cooperation has always been extraordinarily uncomplicated and goal-oriented. This applies to both Switzerland and Vietnam. The response time to questions/suggestions was extremely short. Questions were answered from Vietnam “quasi” overnight, which made the project work very fast and productive.

Thorsten Funk, Director Production AFSF / Industrial Engineering
Pjtechs created an effective IT helpdesk solution based on Kaizala, which drastically improved the integration between requesters and supporters for us.
SCB - Saigon Commercial Bank
We had distinct requirements on SharePoint data migration and automatic data protection with Azure Information Protection (AIP). Pjtechs implemented the whole project with our requirements excellently.
Mekong Capital
Pjtechs was able to show us the potential of Microsoft Kaizala for our organization. We value Pjtechs’s competence and experience to create and develop the Kaizala application, as well as leading the roll-out for 350,000 users.